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Sat, Mar. 18th, 2006, 12:50 am

I've just spend the whole night (starting from this afternoon, actually) fangirling and complaining about not being able to be in Japan and now I'm brain dead but I don't want to go to sleep! I want to see repos damn it! I want that clip of MS!

All I can think about right now is that they've made it. They really made it. Five years, half of them being in the jimusho for seven years. *tears* FINALLY!

To Kame: You better eat more and not get sick, you hear me! If I see you as skinny as you were during Nobuta, I'll cry and cry and cry!
To Jin: Look after Kazuya for us, ok? And stop stealing other people's bentos! (apparently he stole Kame's when they were filming Music Station...)
To Juno: Keep smiling and being the circus boy that you are! Oh, and ganbatte in your dorama!
To Koki: *rubs his hair and grins* I really like you! Don't forget to study! :3 (being the only KT member in uni ad all, make us proud!)
To Ueda: When will you write another song like "Le Ciel"? Oh, and keep your hands off Jin! *glares*
To Maru: You rock!!!! I love you because you are everyone's older brother and you keep the other five crazy boys in-line! Plus your beat-boxing is sone of the best I've ever heard.

I still hate the fact that I can't be in Tokyo now and soak in the KT craze but I'm happy just to support them all the way down here in Melbourne. I think KT had really made it world wide and guess what? WE CAN SEE THAT YOU'VE MADE IT WORLD WIDE! GOLD!

I really should go to bed now...

Fri, Mar. 24th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)

I KNOW KAME CHan was so skinny!!!! it's jinsan's fault for eating his bento!! but seriously IS kame gaining any weight? cause i am scared he might brake.... still... i think skinnines suits him i find it sort of atractive but that may very well be cause i find anything kame does atractive. Did all of them at least finish school..?

Fri, Mar. 24th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)

Kame IS skinny! (23" waist!!!! Makes me feel so inadequet as a female ==") but Kame had gain some weight since Nobuta, which is awesome! lol, I don't think he'll break or anything but yeah, he's always been slim.

Not all of them finish high school, I'm pretty sure that Jin and Kame-chan are both high school drop-outs. (Kame in year 11). Junno, I think, graduated from high school but didn't continue with uni. I'm not sure about the other two =="
(NewS seems like such nerds next to Kat-tun, ne? lol) <- ♥ NewS also...