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Mon, Apr. 10th, 2006, 09:56 pm

I've just made a long rant over at JPB forums so I thought I might as well post it here.

It's really horrible what had happened to Kame but remember that these are just the behaviour of certain people, certain people who spans the fandom of JE, not just targetted at Kame-chan, so he's not the only one that this had happened to, which some people seem to think so.(The fact that this happens to many idols is even more sad when you think about it, really, that these people can't be content with simply cheering for their idol/s)

What had happened in the last few cons are really hurtful, especially to Kame-chan, but I think as Kame fans, we should just support him as much as we can in our own way without going out and causing more anger because, well, that's making it worse, isn't it? So it making suggestions of whose fan did it or what had fuelled the actions of these yarakashi.

I must admit that it had taken me about 24 hours to calm down and be able to have these kinds of reaction towards what had happened but serisously, I think the fans who are fighting or is being touchy feely about this should really think about what they are doing. They are just adding to the fun of these people! To cause a reaction from the supporters is like a victory for them. These "fans", as we know, aren't suportive and none of KAT-TUN appreciates this, from either side of the fights. After all, KAT-TUN had worked very hard to get to where they are now, we know this, we appreciate and love them for it, and I think for fans, that's really enough. What other people say are just words.
Yes, Kame did suffer and yes, it did injure him (as well the members of KT) but they are public figures, they are idols, it's all part of the package, I mean, there must be some rocks amongst all that glitter and gold, right? What happened at these cons will make KAT-TUN stronger and mature, they will grow from this experience. As fans, we should too. (After all, they are young men who have literally, just entered the world, they have a lot of learnign to do. So are most of the fanbase of Kat-tnun, myself included.)

Yarakashi and other disturbing "fan" behaviours will always be there but if we leave the yarakashis alone and ignore them, they will find their action pointless, since we're not pissed off by what they are doing, hence defeatingthe purpose of being disruptive in the first place. (Hopfully, of course.) In terms of how this is affecting KAT-TUN, I'm sure that JE and the official people are doing the best they can to protect them from the yarakashis. Like I said before, this is all part of being an idol, it's sad, but it's true.

*I've written this in a really bad state of mind because I've had a full on week of assements so I'm pretty brain dead but I think you can get the main idea.

Mon, Apr. 10th, 2006 03:16 pm (UTC)

well, I thought it was a good rant.
I can't tell you my experiences with those yarakashi. (Obviously I'm not living in Japan) But I met those kind of people. They don't only exist in the JE-fandom, but also with every oher famous band or group. There'll always be people who hate a certain group. In fact, the think it's fun to bash a member or the whole group and see how those little fans will react. Most of all they think that they are superiour to the fans and what they do is really 'cool'.
Most of all they fell the best when they are hated. Because to be hated by the the ones they find ridiculous is most fullfilling to them....basically it's just fun for them and bacame an (expensive ) hobby.

So the best you can do is stay calm even if you are offended and proof that you are more mature than them. If you ignore them, sooner or later they loose interest and it all becomes boring to them. They go off and look for someone else to bother.

perhaps it sounds harsh, but I think it is good for kame and kattun to have experienced such a thing. It takes them back to the ground and makes them think. Not that I think they did something wrong, but I believe people need to be reminded that not everything is always fun and easy.
Like you said, they'll learn and it builts their character....

god, somehow I think I've overdone it with this moral-thing....
but yeah...that's what I think...sorry for my english, perhaps it sounds a bit weird to a naitive speaker.

Mon, Apr. 10th, 2006 08:11 pm (UTC)

wait...huh??? What happened with Kame??? Did he attacked by Antis????
I dislike Antis! Down with them. They have no life...even less than the fanatic fanatic fans, who at least show lovely loveliness.
But...I feel like I'm missing something here..